Cirque du Soleil

Thibaut Duverneix signs a new realization for the 41th original production of the Cirque du Soleil, the big deployment show, VOLTA.
Thibaut’s and his studio Gentihomme’s mandate was to conceptualise, design, direct, produce and integrate the multimedia content of the show.

We deployed our narrative content on a large motorized 4mm LED panels cube, but also on the LED EPIX light structure in the 4 mats, the bridge, the outline of the stage and all around the inside of the big top. to control all of this, we designed and developed a custom made software specially crafted for this project. we also use 3 live mobile cameras on set, manipulated by the artist that are integrated seamlessly and in realtime via our interactive playback system.

The entire LED lighting effects are driven from an interactive and generative interface responding to music, voice, drummer’s play, etc…

“We are able to create and design 3d volumetric shapes, atmospheres and movements that are perfectly in harmony with the space and support the story,” says Thibaut Duverneix, Volta’s multimedia director.

The content evolves between computer-generated photo-realistic universes, traditional live action cinematographic images, and generative/interactive design.

“This is the kind of project that allows us to combine all the disciplines we love.  we made a lot of research and development and we put it on stage.  working hand in hand with Cirque du Soleil allows us to push our medium and our know-how even further, without ever compromising on quality or concept.  we share the same values.”