La forge aux etoiles

an Aquatic Fairytale at Futuroscope - Poitiers by Cirque Du Soleil

Over a 7000-m² lake, a big-bang of visual, aquatic and pyrotechnical effects merge to bring forth this aquatic fairytale for the entire family. In a constellation of poetic vignettes, La Forge aux étoiles invites young and old alike to witness first-hand the friendship between a human girl and a cosmic giant with his feet on Earth and his head in the stars.

Thibaut Duverneix and his team brought to life for Cirque du Soleil and 45DEGREES all the multimedia content of this beautiful space opera odyssey that Bastien envisioned.

Client/Producer: 45DEGREES

Lydia Brown – Associate Producer
Bastien Alexandre – Director and Show Designer
Vincent Pasquier – Multimedia Designer and Director, Infrastructure
Anne Bertrand – Production Director
Rémi Brisson Lemieux – Technical Director
Maxime Lepage – Music
Éric Noguès – Set Designer
Thibaut Duverneix – Multimedia Director, Video Content
Video Production – Gentilhomme/Antler Films
Mathieu Babin – Lead Animator
Francis Gelinas – Lead Animator
Fabien Fulchiron – Particle Designer
Yso Siphay Southidara – Costumes
Michel Amann – Fountains and Fireworks
Claude Lifante – Lasers
Nicolas Brion – Lighting
Jean-Michel Caron – Sound and sound effect
Julie Perron & Manon Beaudoin – Choreography and Acting
Mourad Bennacer – DJ Galaxie Music