pop! – luminotherapie

The interactive installation POP! is an ode to celebration! A playful, luminous and musical work, it beckons joy for the young and old. The installation consists of 5 monoliths, each containing an inflatable creature with a unique character.

Working as a giant jack-in-the-box, the goal is to free the creatures by talking or even singing to them. As the encouragements build, the monolith’s gauge gradually lights up. And if participants succeed in releasing all 5 at the same time, they’ll offer the spectators a show!

The interactive installation POP! is a celebration of light, music, and movement. This project was designed for the “Luminothérapie” event, a winter rendez-vous under the patronage of art for the young and old. The event represents a specific niche, promoting public spaces as a vector for the creation and dissemination of exceptional creative installations during Quebec’s iconic winter.

The installation seemed simple, yet the implementation of the 5 creatures was paired to a complex mechanical & electronic engineering system. Also, these structures had to stay night and day in the public square, operating over 11hrs a day, whilst resisting the winter’s climatic conditions. Despite the cold, the installation successfully assembled young and old, in an ode to light and celebration!