A more better life

Young Empires

An interactive film by Thibaut Duverneix, inspired by and featuring the music of Young Empires. Face-recognition technology gives you final cut in this story of a birthday dinner gone south, in order to change perspective just lean slightly left or right in front or your camera. Take a look, have some cake.


Crossed-wires, missed signals,  miscommunications and disappointments. A shitty birthday, a butter cream cake and a dime-store cowboy seven seconds short of an eight second ride. Self-conceptions or self-deceptions. What goes on when the house lights go down? Is it pity, mercy, peace or just blind groping? And these two—the other is a mirror or a maze, and just what does she see in him anyway? A way out if there’s no way in. And who’s at the wheel, who’s the Ahab on this ship? Fate, random chance, an algorithmic spell—it changes with the tilt of your head.

  • Director – Thibaut Duverneix
  • Writer – Michael Juretic
  • Lead Actress – Amélie Glenn
  • Lead Actor – Adrian Burhop
  • Waiter – Brian D. Wright
  • Guy – Michael Juretic
  • Production – Revolver Films – 1976

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